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I quickly found that the abilities of HTML and CSS alone were quite limiting. I wanted to go further and do more. That was when I started looking into jQuery. The process was very much the same - I was self-taught and learned by doing (mostly wrong to start with), until things started to come easier and worked first time. I had a few good mentors along the way as well, who pushed me in directions I didn't know existed with jQuery, teaching me different methods of approaching the code, like building plugins, and bouncing events around (thanks Ben). I would never be so arrogant with jQuery to say I know it all. Programming is much more complex than markup, and because of this it is always possible to create new challenges and find better ways of doing things. Whether it is finding the most efficient method, or the most direct, or simply the one that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment inside, I am always learning in jQuery.

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