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A library of jQuery plugins, that all follow similar rules and try to stay as simple as possible in the basic implementation, whilst adding ever increasingly complex features by passing in a few settings.


Able JS is the first real plugin I created. I found I was creating too many bespoke code solutions for the same problem - I needed something versatile and simple that could trigger all the animations of a website.

What does it do?

Its a simple plugin library which triggers css-based animations on a javascript event, using custom classes to make any element respond and as many additional targets of that element. It can be initiated through HTML data- attributes, or directly instantiated with jQuery with the added ability to pass in a callback.

AbleJS plugins


Responds to click events, adding a custom class to clicked elements. Accepts unlimited targets, swipe binding, reversal of other targets (reaping) and callbacks when initiated with jQuery.

Download on GIT Read the docs


Responds to scroll triggers, adding a custom class to scrolled and unscrolled elements. Accepts unlimited targets, and callbacks when initiated with jQuery, as well as a whole host of other customisable settings and calculated trigger points.

Download on GIT Read the docs


A simple scroll throttle, to avoid over firing scroll functions. It fires after a custom number of pixels have been scrolled. Scrollable works best when combined with this plugin.

Download on GIT Read the docs

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