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The Gym Group

Forthright Panel App

Angular 4+ ES6 JavaScript TypeScript SASS/LESS Firebase Interaction design Agile Development Responsive HTML5 & CSS3

  • Angular 7 + Firebase
  • Firebase authentication for user management
  • Firestore integration for meta data and user-generated content
  • Custom API integration for application data and queries
  • Sass with Flexbox grid
  • Angular Material for widgets and inputs

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Angular 4+ HTML5 & CSS3 ES6 JavaScript Responsive SASS/LESS TypeScript Large-scale web development Email Interaction design

  • Complex, data-driven, consumer-facing website for purchase and lookup of world-wide lottery draws
  • Created using Angular 4 for Juno Digital
  • Complex animations are used throughout to make the UI engaging and compelling
  • Front end integration with payment processing system
  • Login protected user profile and administration area
  • Translation lookup management
  • Currency conversion on-the-fly
  • Complex and bold designs
  • API integration, closely worked with backend team to deliver
  • HTML emails created for triggered engagement

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The Green Peas

Angular 4+ HTML5 & CSS3 ES6 JavaScript SASS/LESS TypeScript Copywriting Design Interaction design

  • Coded using Angular 5
  • Designed and built from scratch
  • Single-page micro-site
  • Scroll effects integrated with Angular 5
  • Written in TypeScript

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My Shipping Post

Angular 4+ ES6 JavaScript TypeScript Large-scale web development Design Interaction design SASS/LESS

  • Scaleable, customer-facing delivery tracking and management website
  • Working with existing code-base to improve, enhance and grow the project into version 2.0
  • Upgraded project from Angular 2 to Angular 5
  • Dexie local database implemented for caching strategy
  • Integrated with backend API written in GO
  • Integration of payment system and card-proccessing though Stripe
  • Custom backend API integration

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Mile High Paragliding

AngularJS Firebase .NET Solutions Umbraco Copywriting Design MVC with Razor Interaction design HTML5 & CSS3 jQuery Responsive Agile Development

  • AngularJS
  • PayPal integration
  • Designed and built entire website
  • Firebase database integration
  • Umbraco CMS Integration
  • .NET solution
  • Deployment and maintenance
  • Admin backend to manage bookings (written in Angular 8 + Firebase)

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eDea Stance

AngularJS HTML5 & CSS3 Responsive SASS/LESS Design

  • AngularJS multi-page application
  • Secure member area
  • Integration with Java API
  • Minimum Viable Product created on a shoe-string budget
  • Financial health tool for start-up
  • Working with third party developer for the API, Soltech
  • Small start-up enterprise
  • Clean UI development using HTML5 and SASS
  • Login, user management, and data collection
  • Application state managed through AngularJS
  • Firebase authentication and storage

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Train Performance Portals for Caci

SASS/LESS HTML5 & CSS3 Angular 4+ ES6 JavaScript TypeScript

  • Data driven results portal for 3 UK train companies - Southern, Great Northern & Thameslink
  • Angular 4 application
  • Setup using Angular CLI
  • Written in TypeScript
  • Angular modules built using HTML5 and SASS

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SASS/LESS Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 AngularJS Interaction design

  • SPA for a start-up company in the USA
  • Written in AngularJS using HTML and SASS to create a clean and responsive UI
  • External Swagger API integration
  • Application state management
  • HTML and SASS used for layout and animation
  • Routing through ngRoute
  • Custom ng directives, controllers and services
  • Demo site below is the final code, but uses dummy data to build the UI and make requests.

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MSD Insight

AngularJS HTML5 & CSS3 Responsive SASS/LESS .NET Solutions Umbraco MVC with Razor Interaction design Large-scale web development

  • Learning and information portal for doctors in the Nordics region
  • Created with permission-based filtering so content is tailored for different users
  • AngularJS integrated with Umbraco CMS to dynamically request and filter content
  • Fully mobile responsive

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The Gym Group

SASS/LESS jQuery HTML5 & CSS3 AngularJS Agile Development Umbraco Responsive

  • New website for The Gym Group
  • Migrated CMS to Umbraco
  • MVC4 with Razor
  • Fluid layout, fully mobile responsive
  • Completely new build to replace existing website
  • Use of CSS3 styling created using SASS
  • Use of AngularJS for forms, sign-up and member management
  • jQuery menu, loading effects, sliders and other embellishments

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Virgin Media

HTML5 & CSS3 Training .NET Solutions Responsive Email jQuery

  • Over 50 mobile responsive emails over the last 2 years, with specific styles targeted to Outlook and full-width versions targeted to email clients that support it
  • Tested for rendering across more than 25 different email clients, platforms and browsers
  • Micro-sites and landing pages developed using jQuery and MVC

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Edible Art Movement

HTML5 & CSS3 jQuery Interaction design Design

  • Full website build for a group of artists
  • Single page application (SPA) with backwards, forwards and reload capabilities
  • Tested across all major browsers for compatibility
  • Use of CSS3 styling

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HTML5 & CSS3 Responsive jQuery

  • Portfolio page for a design agency
  • Fluid layout, fully mobile responsive
  • Tested across all major browsers for compatibility
  • Use of CSS3 styling
  • Single page
  • Pixel-perfect HTML built form Photoshop design file

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Umbraco .NET Solutions jQuery HTML5 & CSS3 Responsive Interaction design SASS/LESS

  • Design agency comprehensive website
  • Umbraco CMS driven website
  • MVC4 with Razor
  • Fluid layout, fully mobile responsive
  • Carried out rebrand on existing website
  • Use of CSS3 styling
  • jQuery menu, loading effects, sliders and other embellishments
  • Continued maintenance of new and existing content
  • Implementation of regular design updates

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De Vere Venues Golf

.NET Solutions jQuery HTML5 & CSS3 Agile Development MVC with Razor Large-scale web development Responsive

  • eCommerce website
  • Customer-facing front-end with an admin area for staff
  • MVC4 with Razor
  • Brand new website, coded from scratch
  • Use of CSS3 styling and HTML5
  • jQuery menus, scrolling animations, loading effects, sliders and other embellishments
  • Still in UAT


HTML5 & CSS3 jQuery Copywriting Responsive

  • HTML website to showcase an interactive digital artwork
  • Straight HTML, controlled by jQuery animations
  • Integrated MailChimp sign-up form
  • CSS3 styling and animations
  • jQuery menu, scrolling animations, loading effects, and navigation animations

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Other projects

A lot of the projects I work on are on protected domains, requiring log in or display a special offer for specific customers. To protect my clients, I am not able to showcase these projects, but there have been some great ones which are worth mentioning:

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