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A little bit about my journey to get here.


MSD Nordics Portal

I started work on an information portal for doctors, contracted by pharma giant MSD. The website is in 4 languages, using Umbraco and Angular for the account admin and search filtering.


Re-launched my website

Having worked with some cool technologies over the past year, I thought it was time for a revamp. The new website is running on Umbraco 7.3, and utilises all my own script libraries and the techniques I talk about in my resources section.


JavaScript for Intermediates Workshop

I was given the opportunity to run a workshop. I began creating course materials and exercises for the group to complete, and started brushing up on my theory.


A Married Man

I married my beautiful wife, after 9 years together.


The Gym Group Website

Leading the front end team on the re-build of The Gym Group's website.


Umbraco Certification

Having worked with Umbraco in quite an advanced way already, I thought it was time to solidify my existing knowledge and go a bit deeper. I went on an Umbraco Training course with Percipient Studios to become an accredited Umbraco Developer.


Enter AngularJS

I wrote my first Angular controller, and in so doing, fell in love with the library. 


Head of Front End Development

I received a promotion to the head of front end development, managing a team of 7 developers and projects both small and large, whilst continuing as a developer myself.



I was now extremely proficient with email, and about as fast as I could get at knocking them out. but it wasn't enough. I started teaching myself jQuery. In a short time, I was at a working level and started building websites. I refurbished the company website, and started to dabble with Umbraco.


Responsive Framework for Email

I developed my own responsive framework for email. You are welcome to use it - its downloadable, and a tutorial version is in existence as well.


HTML Email

I was welcomed back to the 1990's, coding with tables, inline styles, and not much else. Email has been a staple for me ever since.


Front End Developer

I made the move agency side, and started working as a front end developer for Creator, a London agency with clients world-wide.


Brand & Marketing Exec

I was working with a lot of agencies and realised that I wanted a a more hands on approach. I created and sent my first email campaign for MSD. I continued learning and stretching my HTML skills from here on.


MSD Intern

Started my first 'real' job with Merck Sharpe & Dohme Ltd (MSD) as a marketing associate.



I graduated with an overall 2:1 BA (Hons) in English Literature (I know, I'm as surprised as you are that I'm now a developer. The best explanation I have is that it runs in the family...).


Sleepless in... Norwich

Lived through the longest period in my life to date with no sleep: 3 days whilst writing my final dissertation (it paid off, I got a First for it).


A Levels

Passed 4 A levels and got accepted to the University of East Anglia to study English Literature.



I created a digital newspaper for my school, called G-Mag. It was my first fully functional website. Yes, I did use front page for a lot of it. And no, it didn't have a marquee across it.



Passed my GCSEs with all A*s, and As, except for 4 Bs.


Where it all began

I first dabbled with HTML; yes, the page included a marquee. Maybe a little bold text as well...


Joined the Toptal developer network

After undergoing rigorous testing and a 4 stage interview process, I have been accepted into the developer network at Toptal. Apparently this means I'm in the top 3% of developers!

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